Website Making
Requirements: Ability to learn, Patience.

Note: I get alot of questions, but I think one of the most asked questions are "How do I build A website." I will give you a brief explanation on how & where to get started. Also a few do's & don'ts.

First you will need to get use to Notepad. Start > Accessories > Notepad. This is what you will be typing all of your pages in.
   <title>My HTML document!</title>


You also should learn the basics of html such as.

After you have learned HTML, you should move to a free web host. I would suggest Freewebs, just because I think it is the easiest, and it doesn't have any ads.

What is a website without graphics? Well MSpaint is good for pixeling... but I would highly suggest you download a graphic program. Such as PhotoShop, or PaintShopPro. They are alot of money, as you can see, some may have a problem getting a good program like this. We all know there are different ways to get the programs though, there are free downloading programs, but sometimes they carry virus's so be sure to scan everything before you acctually unzip it or use it.

Practice, Practice makes perfect.
Come up with original ideas.
Make a few friends, join a few forums.
Use valid coding, this way our friends in other browsers can see your site.
Use CSS, it gives your site decoration.

Beg people for help.
Add people & forget who they are.
Rip Off, or any of the such!
Make too small or too big of a layout.
Talk like "ThYz", it isn't cool, it hurts others eyes, and makes you look like a fool
Give out any personal information, you never know who is on the other end.

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