Shadowed/Glowing Text

Open PSP, and Make A new image.
Pick out 1 color then another one a little darker then the other. You choose which to write in I rather writing in the darker one; but it's completely up to you.

Now Click the 'A' on the side tool bad (text tool) and click you image were you wan't the writing to be.
Set it as 'Floating' like HERE (you don't have to use the same font/size as me)

Now that you see the 'floating ants' around you're text; go to Effects --> 3D Effects --> Drop Shadow like HERE
Now a box should come up set you're settings like this: CLICK now do the same thing except change the vertical/horizantal settings. Put the negative(-) where the positive was and vise - versa now you're settings should look like this : CLICK.

Now just File-->Save and VOILA you're done. However, you can change the settings of what would fit best, but this is the basic way to do this.

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