Ask Me Script

Sorry i do not have the download for this script, i don't have permission to put it on this site yet. However you can still download it from other sites such as Star - Girl!
I wrote this tutorial, because i got alot questions about it on my old site.

Unzip the askme script download. Create a new folder in you're FTP manager. Call it 'ask'. Now upload all the files into that one folder.

Right Click the file you want to CHMOD; then click Properties/CHMOD it should look like THIS!

Then you should see a window come up. Put your settings to THIS make sure your three numbers are 777. Then click OK. Now run in you're browser and if it says it is set up then go to your ask/admin.php panel. The 'Secret Key' is 'askme' as soon as you log in go to configuration---> change password ASAP.

To Customise
The simplest way to customise you ask me script is to upload/overright your regular style.css sheet into the ask folder :)

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