I have had e-mail's on how to use FTP. I tried Cute_FTP but I didn't like it, so i recommend Smart_FTP which can be downloaded for freeHERE!

First you need to know the basics, how to connect lol.
Your host will/should give you a server / username / password! Usually the Port is: 21 and Anonymous is not checked.. but it depends on your host. So after you have that information you have to go to FTP --> Connect or Control & B Click HERE to see what i mean.

How to upload:
The easiest way to upload your files on to ftp is to simply right click anywhere in the white section --> Direct --> Select Files... then find your file. Click HERE to see what i mean,.. NOTE: i blacked out somethings that i didnt want public seeing lol so yeah.

Most scripts make you CHMOD a file or a folder. CHMODing is simple. To do this right click the file/folder you need to CHMOD then click Properties/CHMOD. Then change the permissions to whatever they need to be set to and click OK. Click HERE for an example.

Setting Modes
This is something i was quite confused on. A script asked to "Upload ASCII Mode." I didn't know what that was, i asked a few people, some said it was an extension etc. but really its a little nifty tool on your ftp tool bar. It is so much easier then what you are thinking. On the toolbar you should see little green arrows like THIS!! When you hover them you see what they are. It is usually already set to Binary mode; but scripts may ask you to upload it the 'ASCII' mode, so you just click your mode and upload. Remember to change it back once your done or you might mess up your other files you upload!

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