Terms of Use
No Stealing &/or Direct Linking- All graphics & content on Dollcounty.com are copyright, unless otherwise stated. This is A warning that half of you didn't know, but some sites will take legal action, do you really want to go to court for stealing a graphic? No you don't, trust me.

Graphics- All graphics were made is PSP9 & PS CS. Brush's are on the credits page. I put alot of time and work into all of my graphics, so therefore they are linkware; meaning you must link back to http://dollcounty.com unless they are considered stolen.

Dolls- All dolls were collected, made or edited. Originally from The Palace. Even though most of them were collected there are still a few that I made, so I would appreciate a link back.

Dressups- The doll maker props are either collected, made or edited. Originally from The Palace. Collecting these, making them transparent, saving them, uploading them & coding them took alot of time. Therefore you must link me back.

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