Past Layouts

Version: 08
Coding: Iframes, Divs, Image Mapping.
Comments: Current Layout.

Version: 07
Coding: Iframes & Divs
Comments: Eh. :/

Version: 06
Coding: Iframes
Comments: I didn't like this layout at all..

Version: 05
Coding: Iframes & Divs.
Comments: It was alright.

Version: 04, Happy Easter
Coding: Iframes & Divs.
Comments: This layout was pretty cute and kind of pixelly. I got great feedback from it also.

Version: 03
Coding: Frames
Comments: I hated this layout, it was too plain and ugly.

Version: 02 Coding: Iframes, Divs & Mapping.
Comments: I liked the colors of the layout, although it was kind of plain. I drew/pixelled the clouds, crown and castle.

Version: 01, Grand Opening!
Coding: Iframes & Divs.
Comments: I was pretty excited to open with this layout & got great feedback.

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